Frequently asked questions


Q: Zavit free to list?

A: Yes it is free to list in every category on Zavit

Q: How do i get paid for my sales?

A: Zavit is a direct payment site so you get paid straight from the buyer.

Q: What are your selling fees?

A: Our standard fees are a fantastic  5% on sold items. Less than half of other sites!. Vehicles are £10 on sold items. For more info on fees, Please click "site fees" at the bottom of the page.

Q: Do you have a Bulk uploader and where do i find it?

A: Yes we do, It is located on your member area under seller tools.

Q: Can i upload my ebay auctions?

A: Yes we have an ebay uploader, You can find it in your member area under the seller tools section.

Q: Is it free to open a store?

A: Yes opening a store is free unless you choose the premium listing.

We will add more as people ask!